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As you can see, we've been at this for a while

One of the key factors to our success has been our ability to remain flexible and adaptable. Not only in our retail space, but with the rapid advances in technology as well. We also take pride in being able to help our customers preserve their memories using the most current technology of the day!

From Our President

 We have the best jobs in the world!

We started in the memory preservation business in 1985. The secret to our longevity has been our ability to anticipate the changes, and adapt to them while helping our customers do the same.

Since it all began, we have seen millions of family photos, films, and slides. It is amazing how similar we all are. This experience has shown us how important ‘family’ is to Americans, and what a beautiful country and world we live in. This has taught us the respect your family memories deserve, and pledge to you they will be treated with care while in our possession. After all, these memories are indeed records of your family history, and can tell your family story for generations to come.

The business of life is the collection of memories.

It is our pleasure to help you.

Dave Martinson

Dave Martinson
Create A Video

Long before the technology revolution came along

It's hard to believe, but there was actually a time before everyone carried a mini-computer with them at all times. Back then, preserving memories consisted of taking some pictures or home movies and paying professional processing fees. Once that was done, photos were stored in an album and home movies packed-up and stored away.

We understood the importance of preserving memories

As technology advanced, we realized it was possible to transfer 8mm and 16mm film to the latest advancement (of the day!), the videocassette tape. It ensured that those valuable memories were never lost, even though the original film may have begun to deteriorate from age or mistreatment.

New technology meant new image preservation methods

Not long after we moved into the retail space, technology gave us another offering - the scanner! Now it was possible to scan your photos and have them digitally preserved on your computer. Since we were already in the retail space, it just seemed natural to add this to our list of services.

And new heartwarming keepsakes of YOUR memories

Back in 1993, making a video comprised of a number of still photos was unheard of. But we managed to pull it off! Since we were already in the retail space, we developed a kiosk that could create these videos - right on the spot. We were the first company in America to offer this type of service to the general public.

We haven't stopped since!

Since then, times may have changed. New technology has exploded since those days. Now we're capable of doing so much more. But one thing still remains consistent, our commitment to you our customer.

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Our Roots

Back in 1985, we first opened our doors as Custom Video Services. We transferred thousands of old home movie films through national retail stores like Sears, Montgomery Ward and Wal-Mart. Back in the day, we were the first company to bring a new product to the market: Creating videos from pictures using a computer.

A New Market

Leveraging our ability to create keepsake videos from still photos, Create A Video was born! In 1995 we were in 41 Wal-Mart stores in the Southeast and serving over 800 Sears Portrait Studios across the US.

Bought Out

The success we were having at that time didn't go un-noticed. In 1995 American Studios wanted to integrate us into their portrait studio operation in Wal-Mart. We took the opportunity seeing it as a way to expand it faster to the entire country.

Our Buy Back

By 1997, American Studios sold out to PCA International. They decided to focus on the portrait business, so David Martinson bought the original video business back and continued to operate in Wal-Mart stores. PhotoVision Inc was born this year, and we opened our first brick & mortar store.

A New Market Discovered

Using the momentum created by PhotoVision, we decided to branch out yet again. This time our focus was on creating keepsake products for student travel groups. In 1999 Group Travel Videos was born!

A New Media

Although the DVD originated in the mid-nineties, they were only available with media already burned on them. In 2004, we made the leap to producing our keepsake videos on DVD. In 2004, we far outpaced our competition!

More Media

As technology took another leap forward, so did we. New and affordable 'flash' storage devices hit the market. Now it was possible for us to release our keepsake videos as digital media, accessible on any device with a USB port!

Another Add-on

Building on the success of our keepsake video products, we saw an opportunity to offer another product line. This time as a business-to-business service; promotional videos - without expensive production costs!


Smartphones and tablets begin to be in every household. We made our first two apps this year to keep up with the times. The Group Travel Video app was created for our travel business, and the PhotoVision Events app was made for our customers who are having special events like reunions and weddings.

To The Web

We pride ourselves on remaining up-to-date with the technological landscape. So in 2014 we brought both our PhotoVision and Group Travel Videos products to the internet. Now our users can create awesome keepsakes right from their phone!

Technology Evolves

Technology is our friend. It has created many ways for us to deliver our products. There are new ways to restore and preserve memories created long ago on film, photos, slides, and VCR tapes. Our journey continues with something new around every corner!

Meet the Staff

Create A Video Retail Manager

Clint has always had a passion in the photography and film industry. He began by making short films of his own at a very young age, and getting involved in the independent film community. He continued his studies of film production as a native of


VP of Group Sales

John started his sales career at PhotoVision back in January of 1999, after being in outside sales all of his life. A trip to St. Maarten in the summer of 1998 with his wife Lee and good friends Dave & Wrenn Martinson set the stage for what is now called "Group

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